MaraTri Rules of Conduct

1.     We are all here to have fun together!  We welcome you to join the MaraTri family.  Live it up with old and new friends at the event.  Support each other through the race, its challenges, and its victories.

2.     Race safe!

a.     The Swim

i.     We will have volunteers on the beach and in the water to assist in emergencies, but if you are a newbie swimmer, try to stay near the outsides or back of the pack, where there are fewer competitors.

 ii.     Keep yellow colored buoys on your left (and try to keep your distance from them) when turning around the course. 

iii.     If you are participating in the Mini distance race, you will finish the swim between the two red buoys.  If you’re doing the Sprint distance, you will pass through the red buoys and complete another loop.

iv.  You can use masks, snorkels, and wetsuits in this open-water swim course, however, the use of fins or other propulsion devices is strictly prohibited.

v. Remember to keep calm and take your time in the swim.  You have two sports left to enjoy after the swim, so try to relax and save some energy for the bike and run.

b.     The Bike

i.     Helmets are mandatory.  You must put on your helmet and connect the strap before pulling your bike off the rack.  Helmets must be worn during the entire bike course, and must not be removed until after you rack your bike.

ii.     If you are uncomfortable riding your bike on the road (riding with traffic) you can ride your bike on the pedestrian walkway, however you will need to yield to runners as this is the dedicated running course.  Please stay alert as the roads are open to traffic, and there are many residential driveways along the course.

iii.     If you wish to pass someone, approach from behind and yell “on your left,” then proceed to pass your competitor on the left (just as you would pass a car).

iv.     Please use extreme caution and proceed at a slow speed when you return to the beach area.  Both Mini and Sprint participants must use the round-about at the end of the course to either slow down before dismounting to transition, or heading out for the second loop for the Sprint distance.

v.   Headphones are prohibited.  Please stay alert of your surroundings.

c.     The Run

i.     It will be hot on race day, so please hydrate well and don’t be afraid to walk during the run course if necessary.  There will be a water station at the half way point.

ii.     Please stay on the pedestrian path in front of the beach while on the run.

3.     Please keep the event grounds clean.  Please do not litter out along the course, or at the beach. There are numerous waste and recycle bins along the beach for your convenience.