Frequently Asked Questions 

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How far is a 400-meter swim?
We know that swimming can be a bit intimidating... So we want to put your mind a ease: Throughout our swim course you'll always be able able to reach the sea bottom (3 to 10 feet deep), and we have an abundance of lifeguards and floating support staff.  After all, you're just going for a short swim off the beach (see our Course Map).  How far is 400 meters?  Think of a standard soccer field, then imagine swimming just one lap around it - that's 400 meters.

Soccer Field Swimmer.jpg

What should I bring on race day?
The athletes at MaraTri have put together a comprehensive checklist for you, covering everything you'll need for almost any triathlon.  Our race is shorter than many, so you may not need all the items listed.  Click the Race Checklist link in the menu at left to download it.   At minimum you should bring: photo ID, cash (for food at venue), swimsuit, goggles, bicycle, helmet, running shoes, and a great attitude! =)  

Do I need to wear a helmet?
Yes, you must wear a helmet while on the bike course for safety reasons.  Helmets must be strapped to your head before grabbing your bike in transition, and must not be unstrapped until your bike is back on its rack.  Several local bike shops offer helmet rentals. Check out Overseas OutfittersWheels-2-Go, and Key Largo Bike Tours.

Can I wear headphones?
Headphones or earphones are prohibited.  We value your safety and the safety of our volunteers and your fellow racers, so please leave your headphones at the beach and enjoy the sounds of our coastal town.

What are bar-end plugs?
One of the things that MaraTri officials look for are handlebars that are not plugged (ends like an open tube).  The special plugs that fit into the open bar ends are called "bar-end plugs" and are installed to prevent serious injury in the case of a fall.  See your local bike shop it you're missing your plugs.

Open-ended handlebars can puncture your body in a crash, sometimes with deadly results.  Therefore, we require all bar ends to be plugged.  Be sure that yours are plugged before you enter transition.  Please contact us with any race safety questions.

Do I have to attend packet pickup?
Packet Pickup is mandatory!  Long lines due to registrations and packet pickups on race day would delay the race.  If you are on a relay team, only one member of the team needs to pick up the packet, but we encourage all members to come to ask questions and learn the ins and outs of the race.  If you cannot attend packet pickup, please email us immediately so we can arrange a time for you to pick up your bag early on race day.  

What is a relay? 
A relay is a team of two or three members that race together, one person per sport.  This is a great option for newbies or youth participants.  We've had families and friends race relays together; coworkers; and even a three-generational family team.

Is there a relay free-agent list (if I don't have anyone to race with me)?
Currently we don't have a formal free-agent list, but many have been successful at finding race partners by posting on our Facebook page:

Where do I bike and run?
Please ride in the same direction as traffic along the bike course, sticking to the right shoulder of the roads.  The road is open to cars, but there will not be much traffic early in the morning.  It is mandatory to stay on the sidewalk during the run portion.  Do not run on the road when a sidewalk is available.  Again, roads are open to traffic and please keep an eye out for private driveways along the bike and run courses.

Will there be aid stations?
There will be one water station near the mid-point of the run course (turning point of the mini triathlon run).  There will also be water at the finish line.  Keeping hydrated is your responsibility, so please bring your own water for your place in transition, and on the bike and run.  It will be hot on race day.

Can I wear a mask, snorkel, and fins?  Or a wetsuit?
We want you to be comfortable and safe during the swim portion.  You can wear a mask, snorkel, wetsuit, life jacket, rubber-ducky float, water wings, etc. without penalty.  However, fins or other propulsion devices are strictly prohibited.  Please contact us if you have any special needs.

Will the race be timed?
We will offer overall race times (not split times between different sports).  To see past race results, click HERE.  We will also be offering age group divisions.

Will there be awards?
Yes, there will be awards!  We award medals to the top three finishers in each race category, and there's also sponsored prizes - woohoo! 


All race fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.